Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Or should I call it, slow living? Whatever it is, I've not felt the need to post anything for a while. Its probably Facebook's fault, or Pinterest, or the fact that as soon as I think I should do something, its then the last thing I want to do. I'm twisted like that.

On the other hand, it does mean a plethora of things to put in one post. Or several. Maybe I should take it easy and see how it goes?

I've been working away at my usual stuff: bit of knitting -


...bit of crochet -


...and a bit of quilting -


...and these are just the things I've taken pictures of! Loads more works in progress. I've been enjoying a lot of reading, baking and generally chilling out, as well as my part-time wool shop work and general mooching about. And looking after the family, of course.

This year, though, we're all about trying something new/. Not too much all at once, though, I couldnt cope :) But we're letting out our house for the Open Golf this year in Troon, which means a great deadline to get all those jobs done that we've  been meaning to do.

I'm going to be leaving my part-time job before the summer holidays so I have the summer with the family and the chance to try something new - teaching classes in crafts at my own house. I have years of knitting experience, much crochet experience, and have taught a few classes already, so I think I can put it to good use without leaving the comfort of my own home. I'd like to offer the participants a good atmosphere as well, with tea and coffee, home baking and comfortable surroundings without distractions (does the cat count?) I have plans.....

Watch this space.

(I'm talking to myself here, am a great one for planning and talking and never getting round to doing)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Button Up Purse

Am designing away here! What do you think of this little crochet number?


Button up Purse
Beginner/Easy Intermediate
50g Aran weight yarn (80-100m approx.) I used Adriafil Stella Jacq (100m per 50g ball)
3.5mm crochet hook
2 buttons 10-15mm

Measurements 10 cm high x 8 cm wide x 8 cm deep

Magic loop or chain circle to start, instructions are given for both. There should be enough yarn left over to chain a strap or an inner division if desired. Work is carried out in rounds, with the end of the round slip-stitched to the beg chain.

BEG – beginning: CH – chain; DC – double crochet; HTR – half treble; RD – round; SS – slip stitch; ST(s) – stitch(es)

Starting the purse:
EITHER:            chain 4, ss into first ch to close loop
OR:      magic loop
THEN:  ch1, 5dc into loop. Join to ch1 with a ss.

Rd 1:    ch1, 1dc into same space, 2dc into every dc to end (12 sts) ss to ch1.
Rd 2:    ch1, 1dc into same space, *1dc, 2dc into next st; repeat from * to last st, 1dc, ss to beg ch      (18 sts)           
Rd 3:    ch1, 1dc into same space, *2 dc, 2dc into next st; repeat from * to last 2 sts, 2dc, ss to beg ch (24 sts)
Rd 4:    ch1, 1dc into same space, *3dc, 2dc into next st; repeat from * to last 3 sts, 3dc. Ss to beg ch
            (30 sts)
Rd 5-8: Continue in this way, increasing as set until work reaches a round of 54 sts.

Shape Base:
Rd 9:    ch1, 1dc into each back loop only of previous round, ss to beg ch (54 sts)
Rd 10: ch1, dc into each st, ss to beg ch (54 sts)

Rd 11-25:        As Rd 10.
Create buttonholes:
Rd 26:             ch2, htr into next st, ch1, 5htr, ch1, 10htr, ch1, 5htr, ch1, 5htr, ch1, 18htr, ch1, htr3, ss to beg ch (54 sts)
Rd 27-28:        ch1, dc to end, ss to beg ch (54 sts)
Shape flap (worked back and forth):
Rd 29:             Turn work, ss 7, ch1, dc 15 (16 sts)
Rd 30:             Turn, ch1, dc15 (16 sts)
Rd last 2 rounds 3 more times.
Rd 37:             ch2, htr2, ch1, htr8, ch1, htr3, turn
Rd 38-41:        ch1, dc to end (16 sts)
Rd 42:             ss1, ch1, dc12, ss2, fasten off.

To make up:
Sew in ends.
With front of purse facing, count 5 htr in from the ch sp to the left of the flap, and place button here*.
*To sew button, fasten yarn to fabric, pinch thumb and finger between fabric and button, and use this gap as the measurement from the button to the fabric – the space is needed to cope with the folds of fabric when the purse sides are concertina’d together
Repeat with other button on other side of flap.

Fold fabric and close using ch sp as buttonholes until button appears on front of purse. Fold over flap and button closed.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Kasos Lace Chart - corrected for Ravelry

Hi strangers :)

Wandering through the fun and wondrous realms of Ravelry, I came across a cool wee lace pattern on a recently published top: Kasos by Eeva Saviranta. Alas the chart is, as we say in the western lands, bollocks. So here's an updated version with English translation to boot!

I found a new chart making tool online, which was ace once I had figured it out. Duh.

Here you go :)

I've been looking for a pattern to make up some lacy blinds for the kitchen window. Not decided between crochet or knitting yet, but this wee beauty is pushing the knitted lace very well.